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Video conferencing interpretation

Our Tlinks platform is easy to use, seamless, and secured with encrypted connectivity and it is compatible with Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx, 8x8 and other video conferencing services available in the market. The platform collects participant information, conference time in minutes, client ID, interpreter ID and more and allows you to organize and manage all your meetings in one location.

Some of the industries we serve

TranslationLinks can develop and customize a test based on your organization’s criteria or provide your project manager with the tools to develop your own exam.

Some of the industries we cover are:

  • Healthcare (Hospitals, Clinics,
    Telehealth, Emergency Medicine,
    and more)
  • Education (School districts and
    Higher Education Institutions)
  • Social Services
  • Police / Fire / 911
  • Insurance
  • Telecommunications (Call Centers, Help Desks)
  • Financial Services
  • Legal / Judicial
  • Business & Government

On demand or by appointment, within the US or abroad, with a PC or your mobile device, access our system with a secured login and connect our interpreter to your meeting. We currently offer American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese and Spanish. Please call us if you need other languages and to schedule your next event!