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Professional Network of Interpreters

TranslationLinks interpreters are qualified professionals ready to meet your verbal communications requirements. Our network of interpreters has been prescreened with our proficiency examination test which evaluates interpreting techniques, including sections such as listening & comprehension, memory skills, sight translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting skills, and multitasking abilities. We test in the fields of medical, legal, education, and other industries where bilingual staff may be required for interpretation. Our interpreters are trained and comply with HIPAA, ACA, Title VI, ADA, CMS, PHI, and other Government regulations and standards.

Qualified network of professionals

We offer interpretation services in the following modalities:

  • Onsite consecutive and simultaneous interpretation (at your location)
  • Telephonic interpretation (available anywhere 24/7/365)
  • Conference interpretation (at event locations with conferencing equipment)
  • Video Conferencing Interpretation (via our platform connecting via Zoom and other platforms)

Online Interpretation Request

Our Online Interpretation Request Platform allows our clients to place interpreter requests online, track booking confirmations, manage appointments, access additional language resources, and more. Our platform is ideal for high volume usage clients. Please contact our administrators to set you up with an account today.

Onsite Interpretation (Consecutive)

Consecutive interpretation (also referred to as community interpretation), where one party speaks a thought or phrase and then pauses so that the interpreter may relay the message in the target language, requires a unique skill set and training because memory and phrasing are critical components to facilitating communication between two parties that speak two different languages.

Escort interpretation is most often performed consecutively and is generally reserved for small, intimate groups of foreign delegations and/or tourists. The interpreter must be a skilled consecutive interpreter and also possess native or near-native knowledge of the locale. He or she may also perform general concierge services to the group.

Telephonic Interpretation

We offer immediate on-demand access to interpreters over the telephone in over 150 languages, 24/7/365. All of our interpreters are bilingual/bicultural professionals trained and tested to perform several complex tasks: listen to the speaker, analyze the message, then reformulate and interpret the message into the target language while preserving the characteristics of form and substance inherent in another culture.

We earn our customers’ trust by serving them in a reliable, timely and helpful manner, by providing the industry’s best interpreters at affordable rates, and by actively exceeding customer’s needs. Connect with an interpreter in just moments!

Typical industries covered: Education, Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, Legal, Government and Emergency services.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation, where the interpreter relays the message in the target language simultaneously with the speaker is often reserved for court interpretation that requires a court certified interpreter.

Conference interpretation is performed simultaneously and is appropriate when there is a need to address large audiences. In addition, specialized conference equipment is also needed to ensure the conference runs smoothly and with minimal interference for audiences of different languages. TranslationLinks conference interpreters are highly regarded professionals in their field and are in high demand

Video Remote Interpretation

Our Video Remote Interpretation platform is an innovative technical solution that allows organizations to access interpreters via video 24/7/365. Our system connects you face to face with one of our interpreters in seconds. Whether it is on demand or by appointment, in the US or abroad, with a PC or your own mobile device, you can access our system with a secure login and contact our call center. Currently, we offer the following languages: American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Vietnamese, Spanish, and more.

Online Interpretation Project Management

Does your organization require a high volume of interpreters in multiple languages at multiple locations? Are there frequent schedule changes but not the time to make dozens of phone calls? TranslationLinks online Interpretation Project Management platform is the solution you’ve been waiting for!

Contact us today to setup your account with secure login. You will be able to manage all your interpretation appointments by accessing our system from your desktop.


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