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TranslationLinks specializes in both traditional and technology-related translations.

Professional and comprehensive translation services in traditional and technology-related content. We are a leading translation services agency dedicated to providing the highest standard of language solutions at competitive prices.

Quality is our focus, with a strong focus on fulfilling customer's requirementes at affordable rates. Our translators are carefully selected based on skill and knowledge of the subject matter. Our editors and proofreaders are subject-matter and cultural experts,ensuring our clients the highest quality finished product.

Technology-Related Translation

Technology-related translation requires specialized glossaries of translated terminology per language, and often a style guide. Emerging markets such as China, Russia, and Brazil are driving millions of non-English-speaking users to the Internet. It was estimated that by the year 2010 a total of 79% of users would be non-English-speakers.

In order to operate globally, organizations must have all their products, services, and marketing campaigns localized to the target audiences. To accomplish such a task, the TranslationLinks team is integrated with a talented technology group and subject matter-expert translation teams that work on your projects.

Non-Technical Translation

Non-technical translations do not require a specialized glossary of translated terminology or style guide and generally covers business documentation, human resources materials, legal documentation, and other type of subjects.

Web globalization and Website translation

Web globalization and website translation involves reaching a global audience and ensuring all codes, images, and links are accurately translated to reach your target audience with maximum impact. The TranslationLinks team of Web translators and IT experts fuses these critical components to seamlessly integrate your message for the global audience.

  • Increase brand consistency and value
  • Increase content quality, customer satisfaction, and loyalty
  • Accelerate the introduction of new products and marketing campaigns

We use sophisticated software tools that allow us to precisely translate code, database information, GUI strings, and graphics while keeping the design and programming intact in over 100 languages. Our team of in-house programmers and designers can also create a customized Web solution that meets all your organization’s requirements.

Software localization

Global enterprises are continually challenged in how best to communicate company information, product information, and messaging to their customers, prospects, and business partners around the world. Your software-related information can be quickly introduced into foreign markets with TranslationLinks localization services.

For help files, software, and Web sites, TranslationLinks provides complete localization services to introduce your message to the global audience. Beyond traditional translation, software localization involves specialized services.


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