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Proficiency Examination

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Many organizations utilize their own bilingual personnel yet have no certainty of their actual language communication abilities. In an effort to accurately determine the language skills, abilities, and vocabulary mastery of staff in the role of in-house interpreters, TranslationLinks offers multilingual language testing through our Online Proficiency Examination (OPE) system.

The perfect Language assessment tool

TranslationLinks can develop and customize a test based on your organization’s criteria or provide your project manager with the tools to develop your own exam.

Some of the industries we cover are:

  • Healthcare (hospitals, clinics)
  • Legal (attorneys, courtrooms)
  • Staffing (candidates applying
    for jobs that require a second language)
  • Manufacturing (all technical fields)
  • Social Work
  • Human Resources

Our specially designed test evaluates interpreting techniques, including sections that evaluate listening comprehension, memory skills, sight translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting skills, and multitasking abilities. We test in the fields of medical, legal, education, social work, real estate closings, and other industries where bilingual staff may be required for interpretation.